Black Achievement Month Post – My dream life

October is Black Achievement month in a few countries in Europe. I want to take this moment to share an extract of my upcoming eBook “Become a Black Millionaire”. The logic behind this eBook is simple. The logic behind this eBook is simple. My success in life will not be defined by my success alone but rather by how many other people I successfully bring along on the journey.

Everyone’s guide to investing

” I want to create generational wealth; how do I get started?” A simple question. Still, I struggled to give a simple answer to people asking. Until now.

Chapter 7. Finding Love

My challenge: Making the most of balling in London
My choice: Keep on balling forever, or commit to one woman
Vulnerability side of the story: True love is scary. How to know a feeling that happens once in life if lucky

Chapter 4: Ignoring People Advice

I was the first person in my family to go to business school. Still, almost 20 years after graduating, I am the only one to have been to business school. Do you. think it is because of skills? Nope!