Chapter 8. My First (Lucky) Break

Luckily while talking to my friend, it comes up that her mom works in HR at a prestigious company in Paris. So I give her my CV, and luckily I get that internship. Fast forward to my first day. I show up to the regional HQ of that company—an impressive old building in the heart of Paris. This is my first day; I am super nervous. I ring the bell, the door opens. I introduce myself to the receptionist, “Hi, I am Claude. Today is the first day of my internship”. She asks me a few questions like “who are you meeting with” etc… but I can not answer. I have never met the person I am supposed to intern with. There was no interview. She makes a few phone calls. Minutes are passing. Clearly, something is wrong

How Does It Feel to Belong to the Majority

Thank you, Ta-Nehisi Coates. Thank you for writing about topics that I could not read anywhere else, and for making me feel something deeply. I am talking about your last book, “The Water Dancer”.

Inside Harvey Weinstein Lawyer’s Head

I AM DISGUSTED! How can someone put so much effort and intelligence in doing evil? No, I am not talking about Harvey. For someone like that, I would have much stronger words. I am talking about his lawyer.