Black-Owned Businesses: How To Invest And Why

Investing in the Black community is supporting Black-owned businesses and investing in opportunities within the Black community. There are many benefits to this type of investing, both for the individual investor and for the Black community as a whole.

Kwanzaa Celebration: Day 1 – Umoja (Unity). Linh Vu

Today, my special guest is Linh Vu. She lives in Paris and spends time in Vietnam, where her business also has an office. She is a confident negotiator, with a high level of self awareness. Listen to her point of views on Unity, Race, Negotiation and much more.

WTF – Agree to Disagree!

In a more and more polarised world, I am thinking What The Fu*k! and almost more importantly, Why the Fu*k! Is it too much to ask people to share points of view, seek first to understand, challenge yourself, sleep on it, make your opinion, and repeat?