Allow me to re-introduce myself Black NEGOTIATOR

Every so often, I need to reclaim my title of “Negotiator”. I am not saying the best negotiator; I am intentionally claiming “Negotiator”. You may think… well if you are just a negotiator, not even the best, the OG, [or insert any presumptuous adjective], you are not different than my friend or me.

Black-Owned Businesses: How To Invest And Why

Investing in the Black community is supporting Black-owned businesses and investing in opportunities within the Black community. There are many benefits to this type of investing, both for the individual investor and for the Black community as a whole.

Why I Want To Be Mentally Free: The Fear Of Regret

why do I need healing? Because I am exposed to new situations, and I approach them differently. I am focusing on my mental freedom. People typically would call this being selfish. I dislike that term. It sounds negative. Mental freedom is like financial freedom to me. People who are not on that journey do not understand. I want financial independence to be free to use my time as I see fit. To make the most of my freedom, I am noticing that I need mental freedom. What is the point of having options if you choose the one that someone else chose for you? 

Black Achievement Month Post – My dream life

October is Black Achievement month in a few countries in Europe. I want to take this moment to share an extract of my upcoming eBook “Become a Black Millionaire”. The logic behind this eBook is simple. The logic behind this eBook is simple. My success in life will not be defined by my success alone but rather by how many other people I successfully bring along on the journey.

white bird on persons hand

Ukraine, Russians and the World

The situation for the entire population in Ukraine is terrible. The situation for part of people living in Russia is dangerous. The situation for Russians outside of their home country is challenging.