There will only be 100 hoodies with “Black Negotiator” with this design. I called this version “the only way is up”.

Hoodie Black Negotiator

Why is the text aligned to the right? Because you may hit a wall if you do not negotiate in good faith.

Why is this version called “the only way is up”? On the back of the hoodie, “the only way is up” is printed. This is a motivational message to remind everyone that whichever way we define “up”, this is the way we need to go, and we can make it.

What’s the story behind the hoodie?

  • This hoodie was a prototype. It was to use in my videos. But one person asked to get one, then another, and another. So I decided to make them available.
  • This hoodie represents where I come from, where I am, where I want to go and my philosophy.
    • Where I come from: My childhood friend from the Paris’ banlieue is an entrepreneur. He is the one printing this hoodie. We are both incredibly proud to support each others
    • Where I am: Black Negotiator is my personal brand, that I kept hidden for too long. Because I thought I had to, to fit in my code switching life
    • Where I want to go: All the proceeds from the 100 hoodies will be invested in Omek . I love their bold mission of reimagining the bicultural experience. I want to build towards this objective.
    • My philosophy: To control our future and make it sustainable. My friend makes money printing the hoodie, I invest towards making my personal mission real, and Omek changes the narrative for thousands of Afropeans.

Please complete the information below to reserve your hoodie. I will ask for payment when the hoodies are ready to be shipped on the 30th of October. The hoodie is 49 euros (56 dollars) excluding shipping. 50% of the price of the hoodie will be invested in Omek (that’s all the profits).

A hoodie is not for you, please clap to still support the project