Black Lives Matter

Not much more than this to say. I do not believe there is a need to explain or build a story around the topic. It is simple and non negotiable.

I have been quiet since the murder of George Floyd. Part of it was because I am working on my eBook. “Negotiating while Black” – 10 moments that changed my life. Part of my silence is because I was unsettled. I was not doing well. I needed time. I did not know what to write. Things were not clear in my mind. They still aren’t. What’s clear is my story. And BLM movement and all the speak up going with it, made my memories vivid. First draft is done. Comment on this post if you want to be among the first ones to read it and provide feedback to make it better.


Claude a.k.a The Black Negotiator “the only way is up”

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