Black Achievement Month Post – My dream life

October is Black Achievement month in a few countries in Europe. I want to take this moment to share an extract of my upcoming eBook “Become a Black Millionaire”. The logic behind this eBook is simple. The logic behind this eBook is simple. My success in life will not be defined by my success alone but rather by how many other people I successfully bring along on the journey.

In this extract, I explore how to define your ideal life. Many jump right into setting “blind” financial goals. You should be clear on your ideal life and then align your financial goals.

How to define your ideal life:

  • Make sure you are setting goals for the right reasons. There are many ideas about what the perfect life should be for everyone. Check any influencer on IG. Easy to think that you should be in Bali, working remotely and doing whatever new trendy activity out there. It is not as simple as that. We are all different and have different aspirations. None are better than the others. What matters is what is right for you.
  • Clarify what makes you happy. When are you at your best? When are you energized? An approach people recommend is the IKIGAI method. it helps you explore what you love, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you are good at. It could be helpful to help you find balance
  • Be specific. Imagine it as a super realistic painting where you can see every little detail. What do your relationships look like with your family, with your friends? How is your fitness level, how do you stay active and entertained? Where do you live? What do you do to educate yourself, on what topics you want to educate yourself or others?
  • Be in touch with your emotions. Many people focus on the rationale they can explain when defining their ideal life. Bring in the emotional side as well. How do you want to feel? what are the smells? This is probably the most challenging part and of course the most critical.

My family ideal life:

My family has been thinking about it for a few years now. And it is also a journey. It has evolved as we grew as a family. I believe it is ok. Our ideal life should work for us. If we change, it should change as well.

We started off thinking that traveling the world non-stop would be fun. Quickly we noticed that it is exhausting for us to travel too much, and we love a close bond with the local community. It makes me happy to say hi to my neighbors and have a pleasant conversation with them.

Our ideal life includes an apartment in the south of France, close to where we got married. It would be walking distance from the beach. 3 bedrooms, so the kids/family or friends can stay with us from time to time, a terrace with a view, and a large kitchen where I can enjoy baking. I would be getting a Ph.D. in Behavior economics or Anthropology to help me understand more about systemic racism against Black people and how to drive change. Black Negotiator would have grown, and would have a few employees to elevate its impact. I would travel for fun but also to give keynote speeches. Every day I would wake up, meditate, practice yoga, go to the local market, and try a new recipe for lunch. I would have my personal training session at the local gym – I am still debating if I would like to own that gym. Ownership of a space where I can welcome like-minded people is top of mind. It could also be a Cafe. That physical space is a key element in connecting with the local community or supporting the growth of young people.

In the evening, I would stretch for 30 minutes before dining out with local friends or having an aperitif.

My wife and I would each have our own thing going and have frequent daily moments where we come together to share and grow.

Stay tuned for the release of the eBook soon