Kwanzaa Celebration: Day 1 – Umoja (Unity). Linh Vu

Today, my special guest is Linh Vu. She lives in Paris and spends time in Vietnam, where her business also has an office. She is a confident negotiator, with a high level of self awareness. Listen to her point of views on Unity, Race, Negotiation and much more.

WTF – Agree to Disagree!

In a more and more polarised world, I am thinking What The Fu*k! and almost more importantly, Why the Fu*k! Is it too much to ask people to share points of view, seek first to understand, challenge yourself, sleep on it, make your opinion, and repeat?

How Does It Feel to Belong to the Majority

Thank you, Ta-Nehisi Coates. Thank you for writing about topics that I could not read anywhere else, and for making me feel something deeply. I am talking about your last book, “The Water Dancer”.