Monthly Reflection #1

I am starting a new série. This is after I heard one of my mentor say “businesses always look back at what they did last month and where they are going next month, why are people not doing so?”

A great point. Most of us are always on go go mode. Trying to double task, maximizing every minute and even starting to watch some parts of my favorite Netflix series in 1.25x speed.

So I want to to pause once a month. Reflect on how I feel, what I achieved and how I will keep a balanced life next month.

Last month:

1. I set up my Bitcoin hot and cold wallets and understood the basics of Crypto. Very proud of this. Learning about this topic changed my broader thinking and is helping me to push myself in the future. Dencentralized finance is amazing, how value is becoming real in a digital world.

2. Made meaningful connections: I have 2 more mentees (a total of 4 now) and spoke at a Omek event where like minded people were. That gives me energy to contribute to something bigger than I. I hope to never forget that.

3. I worked too much. Putting a whole lot of pressure on myself. Trying to do everything and thinking that any set back is the end of the world.

Prioritize family: museums and restaurants are opening up. Time to get out there, and learn and experience. A miss from last month was to take my son to see a partial eclipse during school/work hours. I should find ways to create those unique memories

Next month:

Prioritize my health: I had back pain, missed out on my work outs and ate/drank too much when I was stressed. There should be no excuses. 3 work outs a week, balanced eating, and meditation. I should also reconnect with my therapist.

Assess my self worth: How much I am truly worth professionally and how much I am being valued. Probably an eternal question. But once worth coming back to on a regular. There should not be too much of a difference between the 2. I plan to get feedback to assess my self worth and also get external benchmark to check the perceived value out there

It took me 30 minutes to reflect and write it down. And I am already so much clearer. I love my achievements and feel confident that now that my objectives for next month are set, and public, I’ll have to deliver.

Are you also ready to reflect monthly? Do you have one objective that you would like to share? Do it in the comment secrion