Episode 3 – Culture is made for the people.

In episode 3 Miriam addresses a topic very dear to me, and that I have researched for over 2 decades “What is the impact of culture/race on people’s life experience”. The answer was insightful. Here is a soundbite “culture is made for the people, if it does not work for the people we should evolve it”.

Meet Miriam Njoku. She is a Trauma Recovery Coach. You probably never heard of this type of coaching. That is a problem. I believe this type of coaching is needed by everyone, and especially Black people and other minorities. Listen to the first episode of our conversation to know more.

Mental health is the biggest gift you can give others and yourself. Spread the word!

You can find more about Miriam on her site https://miriamnjoku.com/ and you can follow her on Instagram @miriamnjoku_